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Perspectives on the country from people
who chose to go and make a life there

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Voices from Romania

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Times New Romanian

And why are they so self-critical? At the same time, what is it that attracts foreigners and why are they staying? Are you looking for a realistic portrait of a place that can be gritty and frustrating, and at the same time touch the heart and appeal to the spirit?

The 38 foreigners who contributed to Times New Romanian each provide an insider’s perspective to the reality of Romania today. This book will help any visitor to look beyond the surface, to have a better idea of what is going on around them. Those that know Romania will find an inspiring resonance in these pages as well as echoes of the challenges.

Each chapter a voice, the perspectives of these non-Romanians vary like their experience. Each story provides the reader with insight into the Romanian people and the world in which they live. There’s no consensus but these accounts give an honest insight into how things work in Romania, where the only thing you can be certain of is the unpredictable. It’s not an easy country in which to make a life and the contributors to this book show they have the resilience of the Romanians.

Why have so many Romanians been leaving their country?

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